Technology matters. In today’s digital age

In today’s digital age, IT makes a huge impact on businesses. Having evolved from being an option to a necessity, technology has been positively impacting businesses around the world. Enhanced speeds, effective solutions, technical relevance, organized and coordinated output and better reach, are but a few of the benefits.

Extreme.computer is an organization that helps businesses with performance testing and API testing in order to maximize the performance of their websites and web applications. With a technically and creatively capable team, our Italy-based firm helps customers through solutions that are creative, and high on precision and quality. Working in the core areas of product development, web design, application-based and security sensitive, there is much more to us than meets the eye.

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Right from designing for a business need, to developing a product that exceeds expectations, Extreme.computer works by keeping its client’s needs in mind. The company provides services, such as api/load testing via strategic alignment with LoadView-Testing.com and other vendor partners. The core areas we work in are:


From software that monitors, tracks and manages to programs that predict trends, our company provides programming services to suit organizational needs.

Networking and security

Helping connect the various systems in an organization on a common platform is another area we are well-versed at.

Design and Development

Helping connect the various systems in an organization on a common platform is another area we are well-versed at.

The future is digital, and it is imperative that organizations make the right choices in IT solutions.

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