Right from designing for a business need, to developing a product that exceeds expectations Extreme.computer, works by keeping its client’s needs in mind. The company provides services that convert into profits for its customers. The core areas we work in are:


From software that monitors, tracks and manages to programs that predict trends, our company provides programming services to suit organizational needs. After requisite protocol that involves understanding business needs, programs are created, tested and installed for organizations.

Networking and security

Helping connect the various systems in an organization on a common platform is another area we are well-versed at. With online threats of hacking, phishing, malware etc on the rise, we also help strengthen security for organizational networks.

Installations, Maintenance and troubleshooting

Installation of new software, maintenance of systems and providing training to employees on new software is taken up as well. Our team of specialists also offers troubleshooting for problems that arise with hardware and software.

Design and Development

An online identity is extremely important for clients today. Extreme.Computer helps companies in designing websites that are appealing to look at and highly functional too. Right from creating a brand identity, with a logo and content, we offer a range of services. With great content management systems, we also help with mobile app development and other services.

The future is digital, and it is imperative that organizations make the right choices in IT solutions.