WordPress Development/Hosting

Developing websites and hosting them on WordPress is one of the services Extreme.Computer offers. Known as a platform that helps create websites for free, the WordPress development and hosting services offered by us, help customers do much more. As a team that has been in the IT field for a considerable amount of time, we bring the best packages to fit your needs.


Customers believe that developing a website on this platform involves choosing from available templates, putting up content and publishing. However WordPress development involves much more, and with a well-versed team, companies can accrue many more benefits. Unique products and templates that suit your business can be designed on other software and transferred here. Our team of designers can also help clients make better choices on which templates to opt for. We can also help in deciding what plugins to pay for, and which ones to use for free. High performance, good speeds, better ranking and, the ability to be in control of content and make changes easily, are other advantages we make possible.

The future is digital, and it is imperative that organizations make the right choices in IT solutions.