Web hosting is a critical component of successful websites, and the right choice can make a world of difference. Statistics and studies show that the right host can improve sales and popularity of a business online. While sites designed on WordPress can run on any host, WordPress hosting is fast emerging as a preferred choice. Depending on organizational needs, our team can help you decide the best solution that optimizes results for your company at the right cost. The five types of hosting that can be opted with WordPress vary according to performance, cost and maintenance. Hosting can be

Shared hosting

As the name suggests, here your website is hosted on a server with many other sites. While the option is low in cost, both security and performance parameters are at risk here.

Virtual Private Server hosting

While your site is hosted just as in shared hosting, it allows for slightly better performance parameters with VPS. That’s because your website is hosted on a virtual server. A little expensive than the first option, considerable expertise is required for handling this.

Dedicated hosting

This is an expensive form of hosting, and involves your own hardware for the site. Offering optimal performance parameters, on the flipside, it can add to overhead costs. The right infrastructure is key, and your company needs a team with good technical know-how.

Managed hosting

Here hosting providers manage the hosting infrastructure for your site. They also take care of parameters such as performance and website security. While this is a little expensive and can limit your control on the website, the right support can make the difference.

Elastic hosting

Offering horizontally scalable infrastructure, websites with elastic hosting can easily be scaled despite resources. Load balancers shift resources without the need of downtime or migration.

The future is digital, and it is imperative that organizations make the right choices in IT solutions.